Monday, October 6, 2008

Why Do Social Media Campaigns Fail?

I just read an excellent article about the difficulty of generating tangible results from social media camapaigns. This brings up a great question, what are the criteria by which to determine the success of a social media campaign?

In an article posted by Caroline McCarthy, media analyst Adam Sarner expresses his belief that social media campaigns need "...a way to serve both the company putting out the campaign and the audience interacting with it."

How do we as PR practitioners begin to engage our audience in a way that goes beyond just creating "buzz," but also drives people to action (whether that be to engage a specific brand, or influence an action)?

Fortunately, I've been able to find some useful information about how to engage consumers. on he blogs about engaging consumers through the use of widgets.

According to Spoon, good widgets are the result of 3 factors:

  • Give Users a Reason to Come Back

  • Make it Customizable

  • Market Softly and Carefully

I Suggest you check out the articles, they are good sources for beginning to piece together the puzzle that is a successful social media campaign.

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